Wedding Dress
This page is dedicated to showcasing my own personal wedding dress. I made this as well. This dress is
one of the very first things I made. It all started with a simple photograph.

A few of my friends are getting married soon. It has inspired me to take another look at this piece and
discuss the creation of it with you. At the time I was planning my own wedding (1997) there really wasn’t
a big push for vintage fashion the way there is today. I could not find in any of the discount, or local
boutique bridal stores anything that I liked. I wanted something really old and fragile looking. My main
inspiration for this was the wedding dresses of the 1920’s. That and the wedding dress worn by the
character “Jenny” in the film Forrest Gump.
I had hired a woman to make a wedding dress for me. I had given her pictures and some sketches.
When I went to try on a beginning version of the dress she had made, I cried. She had made something
that looked like a Spanish Flamenco Dancer. Not at all what I had explained or described or shown her.
Desperate, I decided to try to find another person to make this for me. I could not find anyone who
could understand what I wanted. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

One day, while looking at a bridal magazine I saw this picture of a young woman standing in front of a
mirror, wearing a t-shirt and jeans laughing at her reflection. She had this large piece of old lace over
her head. I knew what I wanted. Years earlier my mother had given to me in a bag what she described
as my great grandmother’s bed spread. In reality it must have been a tablecloth. My great grandfather
was in the military, and was sent to Panama during the time when The Panama Canal was being built
(early 1910 ish). My mother tells me he brought back this for my great grandmother and that she calls
it “Panama Lace”.
I dug this out of my closet and knew I wanted to use it. I just didn’t know how. The next thing I found
was a simple dress at a local department store. It was the perfect under dress. Ivory in color, with
crinkle fabric the skirt has gores all the way around. Fabric in sheer plain ivory mixed with ivory
embroidered fabric the embroidery has a leaf or feather like look to it. This fabric reminds me of one of
the LOTR costume for Galadriel. Her Mirror Dress. It came with short sleeves.
The next step was figuring out how to merge the lace cloth with the bought dress. I centered the
center lace medallion over the neckline and draped the rest down the front and back and it instantly
worked, I could see what was going to be. I cut the center medallion out in order to attach the fabric to
the under dress, I worked the neckline from a circle to what you see here more rounded ‘v’. I removed
the short sleeves and added long sleeves made from extra lace over some sheer ivory chiffon.
I added some left over lace to the hem of the bought dress lining layer. It came with two layers the
outder dress and the lining. This gives the appearance of having three layers. Or three tiers

The rest was just worked in as I went. I remember there was a problem with one of the sleeves and I
cut it too small and had to recover from that. I know it was always a little tight on that one side
because of that. To this day, when I look at this piece I am not sure HOW I made it. LOL. But it’s true.
It was a fit of good inspiration must have been.
My slippers. Bought at of all places Victoria's Secret.
Hey, think outside the shoe store box when looking for
your bridal shoes. The colors matched perfectly. They
are very dirty now, but you cannot see it in the pics. We
got married on the beach and walking back and forth to
the ocean did that to them.
Our Cake